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Ormskirk Chess - On-line Tournaments - Joining up

Due to suspension of physical club meetings, the club will be running a series of online tournaments.

These are arranged regularly and the titles, style and format will change periodically.

These events are only open to Ormskirk Chess Club members.

They will take place using the website.

Registration with, is necessary and free.

How do I join?

1. Go to the site and, if you haven't already got an account, register and create one.
2. Login
3. On the left-hand menu click 'Connect' (the fifth icon down below the green pawn) and, on the menu that now opens up, click on 'Clubs' (the second icon down).
4. Put 'Ormskirk' in the search box which will bring up our club.
5. Click our club and then apply to join.
In the application please include your full name. While you may have an anonymous 'handle', unless we can verify you as a club member, your application will be rejected.
6. Registration for any tourney will usually open one hour before the start. To regsister, on the Home page click 'Play' (second icon down below the green pawn). Then click 'Tournaments' tab in the top right corner, _NOT_ 'Tournaments' on the sub-menu that opens up.
7. Locate the tournament tile (as advertised on our website's home page) which shows on the top of the list below 'Upcoming'.
8. Click on our tournament and then click on the 'Join' banner.
9. You MUST have joined before the start time as it is all automatic if you miss the deadline, you will have to wait until the next tournament.
10. Following the tounament, an email will be sent detailing results, standings and other news.

Note from Gareth:
Please create your account and register early because, though I will do my best to resolve problems, I can't assist several people, at the same time, in the last few minutes before a tourney starts!

Who is organising the tournaments?

The creation of the tournaments and their format is controlled by Gareth Dykes, our esteemed President who may be contacted at the email address below.

Gareth Dykes

If you know his phone number you can annoy him that way as well!

When will they take place?

Emails will be sent regularly from the organiser with changes to the schedule of days and times.
You may also visit our website's home page for details of days and start times.

Registration opens 1 hour before the start.
Please register as early as possible to enable us to assist with any issues.

Additional tournaments and events may be held, with invites sent out to members by email.

How long are they?

Each tounament will have it's own play schedule and game lengths, Details will be emailed and may be found from the home page of this website.
Usually each event lasts around 2 - 3 hours.
Games that are underway at the end of the session are aborted.

Who can take part?

Any paid up member. These are 'members-only' events.

Do I have to enter all events in a week?

No. Members can enter as many or as few events as they wish.

Terms and Conditions has it's own terms and conditions regarding user privacy, you should make youself aware of these and be in agreement with them in order to use their site.

Ormskirk Chess club will make available on request, to members only, a list of people's usernames('handles') to whom they relate. These names however will be abrieviated to first name and if required a surname initial as it is expected that people will know who everyone is on a first name basis.
YOU MUST NOT distribute this amoungst any non-members.

Creation of tournaments cannot be guaranteed and are created on an ad-hoc basis.

Format of tournaments and length of play etc. may vary and can be changed at any time.

We will endevour to keep members informed of any changes in good time.