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Ormskirk Chess - White Christmas Tournament

Listen to White Christmas

Set as a replacement for our usual non-virtual club nights.

This provides a longer game with timing of 20 minutes per player.

There will be a either 3 or 4 rounds depending on number of players.

If there are an odd number of players, some will receive a 'bye' in a round.
Should this happen, do not leave the tournament, simply bide your time until you rnext game.
You can follow other players' games and even try the 'guess the move' challenge.

Players may join tournament from 1 hour before the start.

Joining the tournament

This Tournament is organised in the same way as other Ormskirk Chess Club on-line events.
Once registered for one, you are registered for all. The same rules and conditions apply.

Follow this link for sign up instructions: Joining Up!


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