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Club Membership

Membership of the club is a requirement for regular attendance and inclusion in any of our teams.
You may however come along on as a guest for up to 6 weeks.

Membership fee is in two parts:
1. Aughton Institute membership. It is paid directly to the Aughton Institue.
This secures our venue at a very affordable level.
2. Chess Club membership. This covers costs such a WDCL league fees and ECF membership for each Club member. The ECF (English Chess Federation) provides the grading for all players bases on games played.

Current rates are:
Aughton Institute membership: £50 for adults or a reduced rate to £10 for children. Join partway thought year will be at a reduced rate.
Ormskirk Chess Club membership: £35 for Adults and $17.50 for children (16 and under). Benefits include eligability to play for the club in League and cup games. Membership of the ECF is included at the Bronze level and is worth £16 per year.

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